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Origin & Cause Investigation

All of ForInCon's investigators are retired ATF Certified Fire Investigators, so you know you will only be getting the best trained origin and cause experts in the world. Our team has managed and investigated fires throughout the world, including large sale commercial/industrial complexes, residential, vehicle, and marine vessels.


Explosion Investigation

All members of ForInCon were Certified Explosives Specialist with the Bureau of ATF.  We have a combined 75 years of managing and investigating explosives and explosion incidents, involving both accidental and intentional incidents.  We have travelled throughout the world investigating incidents that involve everything from fuel/air explosions, fireworks, explosives and bombings.

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Members of ForInCon have provided training to thousands of International, Federal, State and Local investigators. We have taught fire and explosion science, evidence collection, scene documentation, report writing, scene management and all other aspects of fire and explosion investigation throughout the world. Members of ForInCon have been responsible for creating and instructing fire and explosion training programs for the National Fire Academy, Bureau of ATF's Certified Fire Investigator and Explosives Specialist Certification Programs, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the International Law Enforcement Agency (ILEA).


Consultation & Case Review

Before a case is settled or goes to court, you need to make sure you have the experts behind you that can review the investigative work, completed by other investigators. At ForIncon, we have over 75 years of combined experience in consulting in and reviewing cases in fire, explosions and firearms, for both Civil and Criminal courts.


Firefighter Injury/Casualty Investigation

At ForIncon, we have Certified Firefighters and Executive Officers, who have investigated both firefighter injuries and fatalities throughout the United States.  With the ability to analyze both the fire ground tactics and fire behavior during the fire ground operations, we can fully help you understand and, if needed, testify why this tragedy occurred.

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